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Monday, October 13, 2008

No Root For You, a Book By Gordon Johnson

Hacker's Database

A BOOK! I am proud to present the publication of a new book, written by the founder/developer of leetupload.com. The book, as seen below, is entitled "No Root for You: A Series of Tutorials, Rants and Raves, and Other Random Nuances Therein. It is about network auditing, a step by step tutorial guide explaining how one would go about auditing, securing, and learning why certain exploits work, etc. Purchase your copy now, by clicking HERE.To read more (view table of contents and the like) click here.

About the Book
Gordon Johnson:
As I have noticed over the years, spoon-fed information on anything that involves network auditing, or anything of the sort, has been rather scarce. It is for this reason that my book has spawned in its current form. The idea is to prove that such tasks may be explained in an articulate manner, while still maintaining a proper rapport with the individual. People tend to speak in lofty tongue when they have a superiority complex; I eliminate this completely by drawing back the verbal curtain and cutting straight to the point. This is done by speaking in layman’s terms, while still maintaining proper terminology when absolutely necessary, and utilizing metaphors to express the idea in a more
descriptive form. As you may have guessed, this is a network auditor’s quick-reference bible. Not only does it contain step-by-step, illustrated tutorials, but an explanation in regards to why each exploitation, or what have you, works, and how to defend against such attacks. Be prepared, one might also discover a few “rants and raves,” as well as other random nuances.
About the Author
Gordon L. Johnson is currently a junior at Indiana University in Bloomington, and is 20 years of age. His major is Informatics, with minors in computer science and cyber security. He has written for Hakin9 I.T. Magazine entitled Remote and Local File Inclusion Explained, which may be found in this book. He has experience in the I.T. field, as well as a consulting computer technician. As an aspiring network auditor, he has many computer related interests as well. His background encompasses knowledge in the following: programming in C, C#, Visual Basic, VB.net, HTML, PHP, Scheme, MATLAB, scripting, 3D interior design, hardware modification/development, and maintaining IRC/game servers as well as his website: leetupload.com.