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Saturday, May 5, 2007

OSX86 on a Dell Dimension 3000

There are a few hiccups related to putting the OSX86 operating system on a Dell Dimension 3000, but like almost all cases with the OS, there are ways around these issues. The two main issues are sound and Ethernet access. Both are easy to fix, IF you follow the steps! The sound and Ethernet cards I have installed in the Dell Dimension 3000 are integrated. I am not sure whether this hardware would be stock for all Dimension 3000's, but i know it is featured in a lot of other computers. The Ethernet is:
  • Intel PRO/VE 100
And the sound card is:
  • SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
Hmmm, I'll start off with the easiest fix first. The SoundMAX card only needs a little sound setting tweaking, however the Intel PRO/VE 100 requires some coding surgery. To fix the sound card you need to follow these steps:

1.) Click Go in the navigation bar at the top of your screen. Navigate to utilities, and in that screen click Audio MIDI Setup. In the screen that pops up is a drop down menu (Circled below) which has two options, one for input and one for output. You need to click the second one. Then click Configure Speakers.

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This screen should pop up. Use the drop down menu to set the speakers to numbers 3 and 6.

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In the end your screen will look like this. Congratulations, you now have sound! Easy wasn't it?

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OK, now it's the hard part. Getting Ethernet to work. As a reformed PC user, I found this extremely challenging. The reason your Ethernet dosen't work is because it doesn't have the proper device driver. You will need the AppleIntel8255x.kext file. I have that file hosted here:


If there is any problem downloading, notify me and I will straighten it out as soon as possible. It is a .zip file, and will need to be extracted.

Inside is a text file with the explanation of what to do. You need to follow it TO THE LETTER! Otherwise it will not work! If the explanation is not clear enough let me know and I can post a clearer version.

Special thanks to all of the posters in Insanley Mac, I found the following topic extremely helpful: